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Kiva_logoWelcome to the online home of the Kiva.

The Kiva is the magazine of the Foundation for North-American Indians in The  Netherlands and Belgium. The Kiva is the oldest still surviving support group for North-American Indians in Europe! After 40 years the Kiva has finally become a foundation.

The Kiva is a foundation for anyone interested in the culture, history and current  situation of the Indians of North-America. We inform people about these issues through our magazine.

We also support Native projects that try to preserve the languages of the Native  peoples of North America through the Kiva-language fund. Projects we support financially are: The Nizipuhwahsin school of the Blackfoot Nation,The Rocky Boy School and on the Cree Rocky Boy Reservation in Montana and Dennis Jones’ (Ojibwe) language camp in Ontario.

Why the Kiva?

Interest in the Indians of North-America has a long history in The Netherlands and  is usually based on books, movies and stories. Growing worries about the environment is another reason. Many people became interested in the Indian way of life and the Indian way of dealing with nature.

As far back as 1963 there were many people that were interested in the Indigenous  peoples of North America. There was no way for them to contact each other. That is why the Kiva was founded. A Kiva is an underground ceremonial chamber of the pueblo Indians of the American Southwest. The Kiva has  been going strong now for 52 years.